Monday, September 24, 2012

Social Norms

Why do we even have social norms? I understand WHY we have them but I don't understand why we follow them. It might be that its just the way I see it but I don't get why we have to be normal. We are all here to be born and work to be anything but normal. So why do we always talk about breaking away and living our lives the way others expect us to live it and NOT the way we want to live it. If you want to be a certain something for your career, why not just BE what you want want to be? People nowadays are always trying to look at themselves from the outside in and correct themselves to be more socially "normal". If you just act YOURSELF, you will have so much more fun living your life here on Earth. So to finish this off, add all the bolds together and follow those words of advice from you to me.