Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Wonderful Story of Humans

Whether you believe that humans came from the fall of Adam & Eve or from the evolution of apes, it doesn't matter. Humans are what they are because of how special, different, and amazing they are. They can do so many different amazing things. We are built to be a lasting supreme society that will live on this earth. When times are tough, we work together. And i think that is one of the greatest things humans can do. When everybody is struggling, but they get together and unite for a single cause to help bring peace back to their cause, is just amazing. For example with 9/11 approaching, it reminds me of one the most devastating times America has ever had. But it also reminds of the amazing heart, love, and unity that you could feel all the way across the country in Utah, California, Nevada, etc. Just knowing that we were all in on it together to make America a much more happy and pleasant place after such a tragedy. You could just feel the heartbreak in the air after 9/11. But we helped get through the challenging times together and that is one of of my favorite things about humans.

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