Monday, October 8, 2012


Breast Cancer Elites-check

I walk out the door with everything in hand. Trying to get focused and ignore all the worldly things going on at the moment. Get my phone and headphones, "plug" myself into the phone through headphones and bump to some Eminem, 50 cent, J cole, Kanye, Jay Z, etc.

The car ride there is all about focusing and imagining. Imagining that you are going to play the best game you have ever played in your life. Focus on scoring the game winning goal, setting up the perfect ball for the assist, & beating the defender so badly he trips over himself.

Now we are at the field. It's time to put all of the focusing and dreaming to use now. Focus as the first warm-up cross is rolling to you, take a deep breath, picture the corner where you want the ball to land, and hit the ball with the perfect balance of pace, curve, and power.

Walking off the field in the last few crucial moments before the game. Get some water, take a few deep breaths, thinking about what you are going to do this game. Walk to the circle, putting your hand in and offering encouraging words to the rest of your teammates to help motivate them to play their best just like you will try to.

You are walking out on the field. Getting the muscles that need it a quick stretch. Lining up on the line. Knowing that the ball is coming to you at the beginning and that you need to start tough from the second the whistle blows.

And then there it goes, the ref blows the whistle, your teammate passes the ball, you run off sprinting, waiting for the ball to come to you. You look back and see it right there, take a good touch to the middle of the field, and swing your leg back and kick the ball with every ounce strength you have in it. And you watch the ball as it moves in what looks like slow motion into the GOAL.

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